The Color-Changing Ability of the Cuttlefish

墨鱼(乌贼) 能 改变 身体 颜色,好 随时伪装自己,让人几乎认不出它们。研究指出,乌贼身上的颜色和图案 不仅千变万化,而且可以在瞬息间转换。他们是怎么办到的?

CUTTLEFISH can change their color and camouflage themselves, becoming almost invisible to the human eye. According to one report, cuttlefish “are known to have a diverse range of body patterns and they can switch between them almost instantaneously.” How do cuttlefish do it?

墨鱼利用表皮下特殊的色素细胞来变色。色素细胞中有许多装满色素的小囊,小囊周围布满了 微小的肌肉组织。当墨鱼变色时,头脑会发出指令,刺激小囊周围的肌肉收缩,小囊受到挤压,使得墨鱼能快速改变颜色和图案。

The cuttlefish changes color by using the chromatophore, a special kind of cell found under its skin. Chromatophores contain sacs that are full of colored pigment and that are surrounded by tiny muscles. When the cuttlefish needs to camouflage itself, its brain sends a signal to contract the muscles around the sacs. Then the sacs and the pigment within them expand, and the cuttlefish quickly changes its color and pattern.  




English:The Color-Changing Ability of the Cuttlefish

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