The Storage Capacity of DNA

使用电脑的人制造了大量的电子信息,这些信息须要存储并在有需要的时候提取出来。科学家希望通过模仿大自然中一种优越得多的数据存储系统,来改良现有的信息存储方法,这个系统就是 DNA。

COMPUTER users generate enormous amounts of digital data that has to be stored for access as needed. Scientists are hoping to revolutionize current methods for digital storage by imitating a far superior data-storage system found in nature—DNA.


DNA, found in living cells, holds billions of pieces of biological information. It’s incredibly small, dense and does not need any power for storage, so shipping and keeping it is easy. Could DNA store man-made data? Researchers say yes.

科学家 相信,将来1克(0.04 盎司)人造DNA能够存储大约300万张 CD的信息,而且数据保存时间可以长达几百甚至几千年。

Scientists believe that in time, using this method, 0.04 ounce (1 g) of artificial DNA could store the data of some 3,000,000 CDs and that all this information could be preserved for hundreds if not thousands of years.


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