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WHERE does sand come from? There are many sources. But the one described in this article might surprise you. It is a fish that grinds coral into fine sand
—the parrot fish!海沙
   哪里   呢?来源   多。这  文章  介绍 其中  个,可能   意想   的。有      珊瑚   细沙,它 就是 鹦嘴鱼。

鹦嘴鱼 通常   暗礁 睡觉,但 有时   那里 还是   鲨鱼 发现。

Parrot fish usually sleep concealed under a ledge, but such a hiding place will not always protect them from a hungry shark.

为了 达到 双重 保护,有些 鹦嘴鱼   晚间 分泌    黏液,把 自己  起来,仿佛 穿    透明  睡袍。海洋 科学家 相信,这  保护膜 发出 难闻  气味  使 掠食者 转身  逃。

For additional safety, some parrot fish wrap themselves up for the night. They secrete a protective mucus that envelops them, looking somewhat like a transparent nightgown. Marine scientists believe that this foul-smelling wrapping protects them from predators.

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English: The Parrot Fish—A Sand-Making Machine?

Chinese: 鹦嘴鱼——一种造沙机


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