Chemical Elements Periodic Chart


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科学家注意到化学元素的自然顺序:当元素以行和列的形式放置在图表上时,共享列的元素具有相似的特征。但图表中也存在差距,代表未知元素。这导致俄罗斯科学家Dmitry Mendeleyev预测元素的存在,原子序数为32,锗,以及它的颜色,重量,密度和熔点。 Mendeleyev的“关于其他缺失元素 - 镓和钪的预测 - 也被证明非常准确,”1995年科学教科书“化学”指出。

Scientists noticed a natural order to the chemical elements: When the elements were placed on a chart in rows and columns, elements sharing a column had similar characteristics. But there were also gaps in the chart, representing unknown elements. This led Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleyev to predict the existence of the element with the atomic number 32, germanium, as well as its color, weight, density, and melting point. Mendeleyev’s “prediction about other missing elements—gallium and scandium—also turned out to be very accurate,” notes the 1995 science textbook Chemistry.



Thinking: Are these very regular correlations of chemical elements accidentally generated?


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